St Justin

What St Justin say about themselves:
"Celtic jewellery made in Cornwall.
Historic and contemporary jewellery. Our designs are inspired by our heritage,
nature, stunning landscapes and a deep connection with our mining past. 
Every item of silver, bronze, pewter and Cornish tin jewellery we make is created by local craftspeople.  Situated just 400 metres from the beach, we are influenced by the sea, the sand, the wildlife and the azure blue colours that surround us.
Our Celtic jewellery spans 4,000 years of history. Alongside it we also make Viking jewellery and collections based on nature.
Centuries ago, tin was mined in Cornwall and shipped all over the world. One cargo of this tin was wrecked in 1863 and has since been recovered to make great 10th wedding anniversary Cornish tin gifts.
For those of you wishing to celebrate 8 years the metal is Bronze"